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solid wood bathroom cabinet
Wood:oak pop-up draining
Stainless steel fittings
solid wood bathroom cabinet
Solid wood washroom cabinetWood:oak pop-up drainingStainless steel fittingsMoistureproof buffering hinge and trackTotal 6 pcs.Certificate and qualityISO9001:2000MSDS

Finishing process (appearance of quality)
color:Gloss varnish to be bright; matte gloss paint should be a natural. Can not have a clear color
Surface film:May not have wrinkles, hair stick, sag, leakage paint
Face surface (including the panel) Coating:Should be smooth, clear and After the film hard workThere should be no obvious wood sink hole
Other parts (including inner surface)After the film hard work,Does not allow any wood sink holes, micro-Up Edge.Coating:Feel should be smooth, no obvious impurity
All hard and soft quality cladding coating and the surface does not allow any (including inner surface):Machining marks, scratches, fog light, white-leng, white point, bubble, oil and white, sag, shrinkage, dents, plot powder, mixed residue, angle and edge collapse
Assembly quality
SPIDERS Department commissureAre not allowed.
Bump Taiwan-level lines,Should be uniform, error ¡Ü 0.5mm
Symmetric parts,Response to said deviation of ¡Ü 0.5mm
Cypriot angle, bar tray and other supporting parts of the combination of surface,Should be firmly
Hammer marks, scratch, bump, black, collapsing mouth, blade, sandpaper marks, stains, etc.,Not allowed
Plate loaded with parts and the whole fastness,Shall not be loose, should be solid enough to withstand impact or fatigue strength;
Carving patterns,Should be uniformly clear, structured, symmetrical parts deal with that bump, big dig bridge, angular, circular, etc. should be no shortage of angle, shovel at the end should be smooth and not all parts have burr, hammer India
Two kinds of materials, collage,Should be tight, flat, are not allowed degumming, obviously transparent plastic, foam, depression, indentation, and surface scratches, pitting, cracks, collapse angle, and the edge veneer texture, pattern similar to the color response that.
The overall form and position deviation,Maximum deviation of ¡À 0.5mm
Drawer or door,Should be flexible and open and close with no apparent impact sound
Installation Basin
The combination of ceramic basin with cabinet surface commissure,Ensure the installation to be a smooth
Installation quality:Installation should be smooth, correct, position the right,Junction should be no collapse of stubble, or loose,Shall not be less parts, leakage nails, nail penetration,
The surface are not allowed,Ma points, peeling, scratches, spots, glitches and other defects
Surface Quality
Internal and external surfaces of all plates,Does not allow fingerprints, dirt, etc.
Carton specification size, structure,Should be consistent with the requirements of design drawings
bathroom vanity
Carton of colors, fonts, printing,Should meet the design requirements, and the clear, correct
Foam hardness, shape, size,Should meet the design requirements
Check the product specification according to packing list, certificate, accessories, etc.To fully correct, a lot of place, misplaced
sanitary ware
Check boxes on the use in English and Chinese seal of the cover models, specifications, color, brand, quantity,Not Luangai, wrong cover, character clearly is not skewed.
Product dressing, Pre-bonded,Should be firm, clean, can not be broken and damaged
Uniqueness of the identity of persons responsible for chapters,Can not drain cover

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Bathroom Collection
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