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How to Replace a Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
If you're seeking a new look for your bathroom, replacing the medicine cabinet may be all you need to do. Replacing the cabinet is a simple process if the cabinet is a surface-mount or is the same size built-in as the one you're taking out. If you're upgrading a built-in to a bigger size, then you have some extra work to do. Depending on the installation, the project can take from a half-hour to three hours with just a few household tools.
Instructions for Installing a Vanity and Sink
Installing a bathroom vanity can quickly change the room's décor. Before you begin the vanity installation project, find a new vanity suitable for the size of the room. Vanities are available in three standard depths: 16, 18 and 21 inches. The height of a bathroom vanity ranges between 29 and 31 inches. The length depends on the amount of space available. If this is a new installation, a plumber may have to prepare the water lines for the sink installation. Otherwise, place the new vanity in the space where the old one sat.

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawer Pulls
Whether you're installing new doors and drawer fronts or replacing your kitchen cabinets, placing the pulls correctly is important. The position of handles or knobs adds to the aesthetics of the cabinet as well as allows you to open doors and drawers easily. Set the pulls at a comfortable height and in a position providing the greatest leverage when opening doors and drawers. Once you have decided where to place the knobs or handles, use a template to repeat the positioning accurately throughout the installation.
Bathroom Vanity Directions
Installing a new bathroom vanity is a quick way to spruce up a bathroom in a matter of hours. The easiest installation involves removing the old vanity and putting in a new one that's the same size and has similar vanity fixtures. If you change the size or location of the plumbing as you install a new vanity, you are adding hours to the project. As you look for a new bathroom vanity, remember to pick up all the plumbing supplies you need to finish the project.
How to Hang a Cabinet in the Bathroom
Is your bathroom cluttered? Do you need more storage space? Installing a cabinet in your bathroom will add style and storage. Bathroom cabinets are available through a cabinet company or at your local home improvement store. Either way, the installation process is virtually the same. There is no need to call a handyman to have the cabinet installed; do it yourself and save money.
How to Install Pantry Cabinets
Pantry cabinets are full-height cabinets that extend to the ceiling. They have numerous shelves inside and are designed to hold many items. These cabinets must be leveled and secured to the wall using grabber screws. Crown or trim moulding also can be installed to enhance the appearance of the cabinets.
How to Install a Bath Wall Vanity
Installing a new wall vanity is a quick and easy way to make your bathroom look like new. In addition, replacing an old or outdated bath vanity can increase the resale value of your home, as vanities are the most important pieces of furniture in any master bathroom or guest bath. Although vanities come in a wide range of styles and sizes --- from 18 inches to 72 inches wide --- putting in a new one generally should take no longer than a day.
How to Install Pre-Assembled Upper Bathroom Cabinets
One of the biggest issues in bathrooms is lack of storage. Many homes come equipped with one medicine cabinet, but that often is insufficient to store all of the personal items you may use. The solution is to hang a bathroom cabinet. There are many types of pre-assembled cabinets that you can buy, but you can use the same process to hang them.
How to Install a Bathroom Under Sink Cabinet
By installing a sink cabinet in your bathroom, you can add cabinet space and have the option of a sink. You don't need to call a carpenter to install the cabinet for you. Save money and install the cabinet yourself. Installing a sink cabinet can be intimidating with all the holes that need to be cut for the sink, but well worth doing yourself to save money.
Installing a Medicine Cabinet in the Bathroom Installing a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet How to Install a Bathroom Mirror With Cabinets
When it comes to building and remodeling, certain projects tend to get the most attention, as well as creating the most impact on the budget. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are on this short list. While remodeling a kitchen can be expensive and time-consuming, many bathroom projects are simple and very inexpensive. Installing a bathroom mirror with cabinets, for example, can be done in just a few hours with very basic tools. The easiest way to install a bathroom cabinet mirror is to use a surface-mounted setup.
How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet
You're remodeling your bathroom and are ready to install the vanity. It's not as complicated as it looks and will only take about half an hour.
Bathroom Cabinet Installation Instructions
Changing bathroom cabinets is an easy way to remodel the bathroom. Typically your water supply pipes and drainpipes are already in place, so you don't need the services of a plumber. All you need to do to get started is find a bathroom base cabinet to fit your size requirements and your fashion style. If this is a new installation, you should have the plumbing installed to meet local building codes. Do any necessary work on the walls and floor to make them plumb and level for the installation of the bathroom vanity.
How to Install Upper Bathroom Cabinets
Installing upper cabinets in your bathroom will increase your storage space. Often, bathrooms only have vanity cabinets. Those vanity cabinets often require a sink which leaves no room for additional storage. This makes your bathroom cluttered and unorganized. Upper cabinets can be mounted on the wall to provide additional storage. Cabinets must be fastened to the wall with screws into studs in the wall.

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