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Bathroom Decor Ideas

The design of your bathroom dictates its overall mood and energy. Tiled walls give it a clean, modern look, while certain colors and stylish accents can make it more inviting. Need more storage? Get ideas on utilizing space and creating light. Starting from scratch? Check out GH's decor ideas for your bathroom remodeling project.

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Bathroom Decor Ideas
If you’re suffering from a mental block on bathroom decor ideas and your bathroom is in dire need of a face-lift, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re updating your daily retreat or working on a complete renovation, remodeling your new bathroom design is a snap, given these bathroom decor ideas. You can makeover your bathroom no matter what your budget. Add as much style and luxury as your wallet permits.

For a simple bathroom makeover, your selections will include towel racks or storage, toilet paper holder, vanity fixtures and paint. When deciding on these items, first take a good look at the bare bones of your bathroom. Your makeover doesn’t include ripping out the shower and tile or redoing the floor, so the new bathroom decor ideas must accentuate the positive aspects of your current space. This includes the flooring, main fixtures (such as the toilet and shower or bath) and molding.

You are going to use your current bathroom area like a backdrop and accentuate the look and feel of the space with new paint and bathroom accessories. If you’ve got a bright and vibrant backdrop, go with subtle accessories. These work best so that the space doesn’t look overdone or overcrowded. The prominence in the bath area will remain with the positive aspects of your bathroom that are already in place.

If you’ve got a simple bath space, say with black and white, then you can work with more eye-catching adornments. This means paint and accessories should include items that are pear green or red red rose. These accentuations will bring out the best in your new spa retreat. It will be a refined yet cozy place to clean up, rest and relax.

A Few Great Bathroom Decor Ideas
However, if you’re style is more simplistic, you can choose neutral colors or go completely mono-chromatic. Warm your new bathroom with delightful materials such as bamboo, wood, rattan and wicker. Pick up a rattan laundry bin and dress your window with bamboo blinds. Consider adding a rattan waste basket too! Some neutral colors to introduce into your bathroom decor ideas include:

Soft white Tan Sand Beige Chocolate brown Light gray These colors play along with the tone of the space and allow the materials to be the most prominent and interesting aspects of the bathroom.

If you’re not the type that enjoys neutral tones, incorporate different colors into your space. Since wall color is the first thing people notice, this is your chance to make a big impact on the remodel of your bathroom. Pastels, like pale green and neutrals, like beige and sand offer a secure, soft feel. Simple and quiet will your space be with these subdued hues. Seeking a more inspiring feel for your bath space? Try primary colors like candy apple red. Nothing incorporates your own style more than sharing your bold personality.

Now for some focus on the hardware. The knob styles, door handles, towel bars, etc. all bring the new look of the bathroom to a sweet finish. Go chic or eclectic, whichever fits the bill when it comes to the splurge of style you’ve now implemented in your bathing retreat. For vanity knobs you have choices in material, color and shape. The same goes for door handles. And towel bars are relatively simple pieces to add to the design, although you can always find some alternative pieces to mount on the wall at yard sales and flea markets that you can use to hang up your towels.

All those little details really show off your personality, so don’t discount your bathroom decor ideas. Beyond the hardware, share a little more personal style with your stemware. You can find unusual pieces at yard sales and flea markets. Or capture your style with funky baskets; one to hold excess toilet paper and one for extra towels. After you’ve added some more “you” into the mix, your design project is complete. Start enjoying your refined spa room and relax in luxury.

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Bathroom Décor Ideas
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