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Bathroom Ideas
If you’re thinking about renovating or redoing a bathroom, one item where your immediate focus should lie, is the bathing area. Your bathroom ideas should include whether you’d like to incorporate a bath and shower combination or perhaps enlarge your shower to create a walk-in.

Most bathroom designs are well planned, with people evening installing a garden window over their new spa tub. The bathroom of your dreams is within your grasp. After you’ve chosen what type of bathing area you’d like to incorporate, think about the style you’d like to implement. Design and functionality go hand in hand when rummaging through bathroom ideas.

Are you a fan of Art Deco or Modern Decor? Perhaps you are the Vintage type or prefer Spanish style? Whatever your preference, there are a plethora of tile designs and colors to choose from. So you can pick the perfect wall designs to compliment your new shower and/or tub area.

Interested in adding a spa to the mix of bathroom ideas? A spa tub isn’t as pricy of a bathroom addition as you might think. As long as you’ve got the space and a decent budget for your bathroom renovation – it’s yours! After measuring the area, determine if having a full spa or a roman tub is the right choice for you. Or you can go for the ultimate personal experience – a hydro therapy tub. Aaahhh yeah. That’s the ticket! Create a luxurious space of your very own right in your new bathroom.

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty – cabinetry that is, one of the most difficult bathroom ideas to decide on. Now that you’ve chosen the bathroom decor, the flow of your design and selected your new bathing unit or units, it’s time to upgrade your woodwork. Natural wood cabinetry is always much more aesthetically pleasing and sturdier than its counterpart, faux wood. Faux wood cabinets are comprised of manufactured wood featuring a veneered finish. Either way, coloring is the key. You want to make sure the wood or the wood stain matches the new decor for the bathroom design. Whether that’s original pine, cherry wood, mahogany, rose wood or any other type you desire, keeping the style of the bathroom remodeling congruent with cabinet design and wood coloring.

Now don’t forget about the sink (or sinks, if that’s what you’re going for). If you decided Vintage decor for your bathroom renovation, consider a Victorian style sink. This limits your area for cabinetry, but the design is simple and stylish. Seeking more counter space? A dual-sink space is the right choice. Increase your counter and storage space all in one shot. With an Art Deco type of style in the washroom, there are all sorts of sinks available on the market that will allow you to implement your chic bathroom ideas easily. Copper sinks, hand hammered metal and much more. Just choose what suits your style and needs.

Flush your old decor away and start to gather new bathroom ideas. Go with the flow; add a new porcelain touch to the loo. Match your toilet to its new surroundings. No need to keep that plain old white one. Plus, you can spruce up the water closet with fabulous new bidet. Your toosh has never felt so good! Many toilets and bidets come as matching sets now-a-days, so choosing the set that floats your boat is pretty simple. You still can go for the antique look or a Spanish style with these fixtures so they’ll fit right in to the new decor.

While windows aren’t generally thought of during bathroom remodeling, they are definitely something to think about. You don’t want a fresh new bathroom renovation and realize you’re stuck with old, run-down, rusting windows. Plus, if you can add more natural light to the area, go for it! Increase your window space, throw in a garden window or a cube window. Cube windows can be installed with glass or acrylic cubes. So either way, you’ve got no budget issues. Even if you can’t add more natural light, upgrading your current window selection is best so the entire space is fresh, new and long-lasting.

Alright, time to go for the mirrors. Are you looking to increase the space to enjoy your glowing reflection? Or do you want to add some more style to the new renovation? Indulge your senses with one of these bathroom ideas:

a long cast sheet mirror along the wall above your dual sinks a soft oval mirror encased in an ivory-esque setting There’s really so much to play with when it comes to this fixture and you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Finishing Touch
Then upgrade your fixtures too, for a sweet finish. Depending on the decor you’ve implemented, your new cabinets need their finishing touch. With the variety of knobs and handles available on the market, you can easily top off the new bathroom with the same new style. Select cabinet handles from brushed nickel to stainless steel and more. Choose a knob style, a deco handle, or the conventional style handle.

Whatever works for you and provides continuity amongst your bathroom ideas. But, don’t forget about the sink faucet and handles. Those are also available in modern, sleek, and antique or vintage styles. These are the items in the bathroom that really bring your remodeled washroom to a new level.

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Bathroom Design Ideas
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