Bathroom Furnishing - Bathroom Design Ideas

Furnishing the bathroom

State the bathroom functions.

A bathroom is a peculiar place in many aspects.

Firstly, it has to be adjusted to everyone`s needs in most cases. Undoubtedly, the set 杣p, the size and the position of the bathroom should be matched in such way, so that it gives everyone the maximum comfort. We have to decide whether the bathroom is going to be for only one person, a couple or a family. It is worth considering if the bathroom is going to be used by the elderly or the disabled.

Secondly, the bathroom furnishings last for years; that`s why we need to think about the use of our bathroom- what we are going to use it for, and how our preferences are going to change in the next few years. It is necessary to install the bathroom equipment in one place. And it is not easy to change or move it if we don`t like the arrangement any more. There is no doubt that it is good to know the functions of a modern bathroom.

Arranging a bathroom is not as easy as it seems. Due to hurry and careless decisions we may ask ourselves one day- why is this bathroom so useless- every time we enter it.

That`s why we should bear in mind that, the bathroom we are arranging and all the furnishings are going to last for years. Thus we need to be absolutely sure about its purpose.

Bathroom standards may be of a great help and they will make it easier for us while making any decisions. Bathroom standards define the use of that space based on its purpose and the type of users. A specific type of furnishings has been suggested following the type of the bathroom, so that everyone is ensured the maximum comfort. Those standards state as well in which part of the apartment or house the bathroom should be placed.

Plan the furnishings.

While planning the furnishings in our bathroom, we have to know how we want to use it and who is going to use it. We have already described above a very useful help of the bathroom standards which will help us make the decision.

If we have at least two bathrooms in our house or apartment, then each one can have different functions. So we can allow ourselves to choose various standards of equipment, standards which reflect the functions of the bathroom: a family bathroom, a guest bathroom, a bathroom for children or en suite bathroom.

The choice of the bathroom basic functions mostly depends on our habits and life style.

However, if we have only one bathroom, it must have a lot of functions. We need to make some decisions on what kind of appliances we wish to install.

A shower cabin or a bath tub.

If we have a small bathroom, it is better to choose a shower cabin. A deep shower tray will increase the functionality of our shower.

We recommend a bath tub if most of our family members like long relaxing baths. It is a necessity to choose a bath tub for families with children- the little ones and those bigger as well. We need to have a space big enough to install a bath tub.

Installing a shower curtain could be a compromise solution between a shower and a bath tub. If the dimensions of our bathroom don`t allow us to install both- a shower and a bath tub, then a bath tub with a curtain is the solution. A bath tub which functions also as a shower seems to be the best idea if we try to join many functions.

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Bathroom Furnishing
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