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Interior design is a tricky thing for most of the people. You have to know which colors to use, what materials, in which style etc. That’s a little bit tricky, if you ask me. Even if you think you can do it, it’s very probable that you won’t do it right.

I’m starting with this article a new section from which you will get inspiration for your designing ideas that you want to implement in your home (or in someone else’s in case you’re an interior designer). The first article in this section is about bathrooms. It may not be the most important part of the house but it’s a necessity to be very classy. It is known that you can tell if a restaurant or coffee shop has class if its bathroom is designed in style. Let’s leave the ‘chitchat’ behind and stare at the 85 photos of professionally designed bathrooms.

White Bathroom Interior Design

Clean white bathroom via Contemporist

White is a classic color that never goes out of style. The purity and cleanliness of the color aids well in creating a beautiful washroom that feels refreshing to spend time in for your daily routine. Be sure to use texture through the space for both acoustic and visual aesthetic reasons. Towels and drapes can add a soft a luxurious feel while metal and crystal accents add more sparkle and definition. Nothing will better finish off a stunning white bathroom than a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers! Here are some white bathrooms I love to get you inspired for a new fresh look to one of your homes most used spaces!

Consider using white calacatta marble as the base for your bathroom as it is a very crisp and clean white with strong warm veins in a brown/warm grey tone. Add some feminine features like a vanity stool or ottoman, farm white terrycloth robe, crystal drawer knobs or door pulls and flowing feminine curves in your mosaic tile patter, mirror shape or light fixtures.

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bathroom interior design
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