Bathroom Mirrors - Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom mirrors and wall mirrors can enhance the look and feel of your room as well as the decor of your house. They give your room an illusion of space, and allow you to reflect light on focal points in your room. Make sure the finish of your mirror matches your decor, ie. your furniture and wall color.

Frameless mirrors are perfect for use as a bathroom mirror or in any area of your home. Beveled mirrors, polished edge models, and frosted models are available in several shapes and sizes to brighten your room décor.

Painted frame mirrors include metallic finishes like oil rubbed bronze, white mirrors, black mirrors, old world cream and antique finishes. Suitable to be used as bathroom mirrors or accent mirrors in other areas of your home.

Oak, cherry, and maple solid wood framed mirrors are available in a wide selection of styles, shapes and sizes including oval mirrors. Most feature beveled mirrors. Enjoy the natural beauty of a wood mirror in your home.

Chrome/silver finish mirrors feature aluminum frames, wood core, and are enhanced by a beveled mirror to beautify any room in the house.

Elegant frames of gold & silver, all with beveled mirrors, will highlight any room or décor. Sophisticated enough to use as a formal wall mirror, yet practical enough to use as a bathroom mirror.

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Bathroom Mirrors
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