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7 Steps for Choosing Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Is your bathroom looking tired and in need of remodeling, then this article will help whether you have to remodel small bathroom or any sized bathroom.

If you are planning to find a contractor to remodel your bathroom, where do you start?

I always recommend following a plan and getting prepared before you start any building project. The more you are prepared the lower will be your bathroom remodel cost and the faster it will occur. “Save Time, Save Money”.

I outline the general concept of the renovation plan in my free eBook “ Renovation made Easy” at . The same principles apply whether you are trying to find a bathroom remodelling contractor or one to do a total home renovate.

Remodeling your bathroom will not just make you happier when you spend time in your remodelled bathroom,, with careful renovation planning it will also increase the value of your home.

1. Your Budget

Yes, that tough question has to be answered. Set your upper limit budget without any bathroom remodel costs prepared by a contractor. Do it instinctively without any real science other than what you have gathered from friends and neighbours about an approximate cost. It is the same process as knowing your maximum budget before you go to an auction to buy a home or even buy a product on eBay. Once you have established your “intuitive budget” it becomes your secret and don’t let any contractor know or they will make sure they spend your budget and more.

2. Planning – Prepare your Bathroom Project Book

Do you have general idea on what layout you would like? Do you know what type of bathroom fittings you would like ? Do you know what colour themes you would like? Start the renovation plan process and gather photos and images of all the things you would like. Buy a big exercise book (Your Bathroom Project ) and paste these images in the book and write notes on the pages as to what is important to you and do a hand sketch of your layout.

3. Designer or Contractor? – Get Referrals

There are pros and cons on whether to employ a designer or just go straight to a contractor. The decision will vary form area to area and also depend on the size of your project. For a remodel small bathroom project you probably can just go straight to a bathroom remodelling contractor whereas for larger projects you may need the help of a designer.
The easiest way to make this decision is to talk with your friends, neighbours, work colleagues about anyone they know who has helped them with a successful bathroom remodeling project.

4. Meeting your bathroom remodeling contractors

Lets assume your project is a remodel small bathroom project and you only need a contractor not a designer. Set up an appointment with no less than five contractors to come to your home and view the bathroom and to give you advice. Prepare by listing down all the questions you can think of in your special bathroom remodelling project book. At each appointment ask your questions and note down the answers. Show each contractor the images and pictures of what you would like your bathroom to look like. After each discussion review the questions and answers. This will help to refine the process for each of your 5 meetings. at the end of this process you will be much clearer on what you can do with your remodel small bathroom project.

5. Contractor Feed back – their quotes

Most bathroom remodelling contractors will provide you with free estimates for the work. The estimate should include every financial and construction detail that your bathroom renovation needs. Compare the estimates submitted to you and select the two which most closely suits your budget and plan. Then invite each of them back to review the quotes, clear the air on any differences and get the quotes so they are both providing you with similar inclusions.

6. Check out your preferred bathroom remodelling contractor

The last part of the selection process is to check the potential bathroom remodelling contractors references. Spend time looking at jobs they have completed and talk to their customers to make sure they were completely satisfied with the service provided. Time spent now can save big trouble and heart aches later

7. Select your preferred bathroom remodelling contractor

Have one last meeting with your preferred contractor, go over the details, agree all the parts of the project and sign the contract for them to do the work

While this may seem a long time and many steps to select for your bathroom remodelling contractor, it will in the long term be time well spent. You deserve to get what you want in your remodel small bathroom project.

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