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Planning Your Shower Remodelling Project

Shower remodeling projects are much less intimidating when you know what to expect. With the exception of the kitchen, bathrooms are the most expensive room in the house to remodel. The simple reason behind this expense is the fixtures and adding all those small finishing touches to the room itself. Your selections of these materials has a big influence on the price of your project.

For example, a standard good quality toilet such as a Kohler "Wellworth" runs about $130 (at a retail warehouse store) for the bowl, tank, shutoff, supply line and seat. Kohler also makes a one piece toilet called the "Gabrielle" that runs $542 (available in colors at contractor price without seat and hardware) for the toilet alone. Tub enclosures have three basic choices of materials: cultured marble, Corian, and tile.

Plumbing fixtures such as a lavatory faucet can run from $29.95 to well over $500 for one fixture! Tile and natural stone can run from $.79 a square foot (don't even think about buying that stuff) to over $8. The prices listed below include good quality, but not the highest end fixtures and finishes. Please keep in mind that these are APPROXIMATE prices, and pricing can vary anywhere from 10% - 50% depending on your particular situation and location.

Standard Bathroom Remodel
This would include an approximately 8’x5’ bathroom, removing everything and replacing it all. For a standard bathtub, 36"-48" vanity, cultured marble shower enclosure and top, tile flooring, toilet, mirror, plumbing fixtures and medicine cabinet would cost roughly $7,500.00, not including tax. Add about $1500.00 to upgrade to a tile surround, or about $2,000.00 to upgrade to a Corian shower and top.

Master Bathroom Remodeling
This would include an approximately 12’x8’ bathroom removing everything and replacing, possibly in new locations. For a large tub or shower and 72" - 84" vanity, cultured marble tub deck, shower enclosure and top, tile on the floor, toilet, mirror, plumbing fixtures, and medicine cabinets, the cost would be around $14,500.00, not including tax. Add about $2,500.00 to upgrade to a tile surround and deck, or about $3,000.00 to upgrade to Corian.

Standard tub and vanity top replacement
This would involve tearing out the tub and surround down to bare studs. To replace the tub, install new cultured marble surround and matching top, new shower valve and lavatory faucets, new custom shower door would be roughly $3,900.00, not including tax. Add about $1000.00 to upgrade to a tile surround, or about $1,500.00 to upgrade to Corian.

Standard Tub to Walk-in Shower and top replacement
This would include everything as above, but instead re-locating the shower drain to center and change to a 2" waste line, adding a custom shower floor or pan and installing a 71" custom shower door for approximately $4,900.00, not including tax. Add about $2,000 to upgrade to a tile surround, or about $2,500 to upgrade to Corian.

Tub / Shower Combination to a large walk-in shower
This involves removing the existing tub/shower combination and replacing it with a large cultured marble shower with glass block partition wall and open entry for about $11,500.00, not including tax. Add about $2,500 to upgrade to a tile surround, or about $3,000 to upgrade to Corian.

Naturally, these prices can change due to your specific situation and location, but this will at least give you an idea of basic ballpark prices. Check with your town offices to see if they are licensed and view their complaint record. If they are licensed, ask to see a certificate of insurance for liability and workers compensation policies listing YOU as the certificate holder.

Always check references. Call at least 3 previous customers and ask questions about the contractor’s performance. Who did the work? How was the communication? Did they stick to a schedule? Did they have a detailed contract? Did they meet your expectations?

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Shower Remodelling Ideas
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