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Bathroom Renovations

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KBC Renovations is a bathroom renovation contractor specializing in bathroom remodeling along with other types of renovations. We know bathrooms and we must admit – we love them! There is nothing like the feeling of walking in to a renewed, beautiful, functional, personally designed bathroom. And for us, it's the feeling of one of our clients being happy with their bathroom renovation. We have made many such clients in the Toronto area happy with their bathroom renovation and with choosing KBC Renovations to do the job.

Below is some basic information on the bathroom renovation process, what is involved, how to approach it, and where to start along with links to frequently asked questions about the cost, timeframe, and other important information.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation offers an effective way of giving your home a revived and up-to-date feel. Whether you like to create more space, add new bathroom fixtures, or simply update the look of your old and outdated bathroom, our company can help you achieve your goals.

Types of Bathroom Renovations

Most houses in USA and Europe have three types of bathrooms: a powder room or half bath, a family bathroom and an en-suit or master bathroom. Each bathroom type has its own requirements of space, layout and fixtures.

How to Design Bathroom Renovation Projects

Many people grow tired of their bathrooms and over time they wear down and are in need of a design to complete a bathroom renovation. Many times a bathroom renovation is done to increase the value of a home for possible resale or just to get the house up to current codes. If this is you, keep reading to learn how to design out a bathroom renovation project.

When beginning your design the first stop is to look at the floors. What kind of floor do you want in your bathroom. Remember that this room will be under heavy traffic and could have issues like mold and require constant cleaning. Grout lines and other issues might give you more maintenance but look better then vinyl.

Bath tub or stand up shower? Most houses these days need to have at least one bath tub in it but not much more than that. If you have a different bathroom in the house with a tub and want to go for the stand up shower, go for it.

Space is the biggest concern in the bathroom usually. You need to measure out how far out each item comes and that the door can swing properly. Many times people forget the door opens into the bathroom or that people sit on the toilet might not have enough room. Measurements are your friend. Measure and be sure there is space for every thing that the bathroom is used for.

If you are about to take on a bathroom renovation part of your design will be to redo your electrical and plumbing to get all of it up to code. This will be a requirement when you get the work permit. This means more work if it is an older home so be sure to plan on spending money and time on behind the scenes stuff.

Lighting is also important in the bathroom. Many people just settle for the overhead light while others prefer to have lights attached to the medicine cabinet or off of the wall. Be sure the room is well lit as many people get dressed in the bathroom and need good lighting.

Tile or not to tile your walls. If you do tile, be sure to use colors and styles that are popular and bright in color. Avoid personalized tiles especially if you are remodeling the bathroom to increase resale. You don't want the next person to have to rip out what you do.

The last thing you need to consider if you are going to design a bathroom renovation project is the location of your electrical outlets. Hair dryers, curlers and shavers are all used in the bathroom and usually near the mirror in the bathroom. Be sure plugs support common usage.

KBC Projects Bathroom Renovation South Brisbane services include :

If you are looking for ideas, or would like to take your ideas further, then why not make an appointment to have one of our Design Consultants visit and provide some professional advice to launch your bathroom project off to a great start?

Our designers have years of experience in their work, and many have moved up from the building trades, so you can be assured of their expertise and friendly professionalism.

If you like what they come up with, then we can provide a complete renovation service to provide you with your new bathroom - we aim to make it as easy and painless for you as possible.

We can provide you with quality bathroomware and project managed installations including everything from KBC, Plumbing and Tiling; to the Painting and Electricals; to the guy (or girl) who puts your new toilet-roll holder on the wall.

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Bathroom Renovation Design
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