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How to Save Space in a Small Bathroom

Most of us know what it's like not to have enough space in a small bathroom. If you share a bathroom with family or a roommate, you know what it's like not to have enough space in the bathroom. A small bathroom makes it almost impossible for everyone to keep their toiletries in easy reach. Unfortunately there's only so much you can do to solve this problem. It's not like you can add more space unless you start knocking out walls or something. That's not an option for most of us. But I do have a couple ideas about how to save space in a small bathroom.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions
things you'll need:
Toiletry bag

Cosmetics case

Organizing the items in your bathroom will go a long way toward saving space in the bathroom. Using a towel closet or the space under the sink for storage will make surfaces look neat. Maybe you can find a place to put some shelving.

Try using a toiletry bag or cosmetic case to store your personal items in. You can keep the bag or case in a towel closet or in the cabinet under the sink. This works well if you don't have enough room around the sink for all of your things. It's also good if there are two or more people sharing the bathroom. Storing your things in a bag or case makes it easy for you to keep your items in another room in the house if necessary. This way, they're always ready to go in your luggage when you travel.

Large electronic items like hair dryers and flat irons can be stored in the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink or in the towel closet. Make sure they've been turned off and have cooled off before you store them away.

You could also try to find space to add shelves in your bathroom. This is a good place for things that you like to have at hand and also a good place for some decorations. These are just a few ideas on how to save space in a small bathroom.

L' bathroom furnishings must meet specific operational requirements, especially when it comes to small rooms and small. With some more ideas even smaller bathroom can be transformed into a cozy and well-organized, you just make the right choices. It then goes from the mobile space-saving tricks to make it look bigger. Let us see what are in ten moves. Being able to organize a full bathroom and welcoming, making it pleasant and comfortable, it is not impossible, even if it is a small environment.

It all begins with a smart design, and the first suggestion is obviously to be followed by an architect, who will be able to tell immediately how to handle spaces. Alternatively, to save time and speed, you can also turn to sites of architectural consultancy (eg Archistyle, Home & Design and many others), where sending a simple map of the area, with a figure given, you will be given all the hints to furnish any environment.

Choosing furniture
Once you understand how much space is actually available, you must create a priority list and then click to save space and medical furniture.

Arranging furniture
Pay attention to the arrangement of various elements, by always check first on paper, trying to take advantage of angles and uneven surfaces.

The market offers sinks to suit all budgets and needs and offers a wide choice to those who, by necessity, are forced to opt for space-saving solutions. Among the most suitable for small spaces, there are versions suspended from the ground, small triangular hand-washing basins and very small.

If you opt for a sink so small it does not even have space for a piece of furniture and accessories, it is preferable to use containers to be attached to the tiles of the wall, shelves with a fun day.

Health Care?
Also on the health side the watchword is to opt for compact solutions, but always focus on size and needs of those who will use the bathroom.

As for the shower, of course instead of the tank, always better to focus on models semicircular corner, with sliding door.

Avoid tiling decorations and colors that are too bright or too dark, that decrease the space, and instead played with mirrors.

Make sure that the lighting is strong enough so as not to make the cramped space. If the bathroom does not have natural light, you can expect very high windows or panels semipermeable to ceiling height, to provide greater illumination.

Are always preferable sliding pocket doors, which take up very little space, making it difficult without access to the bathroom.

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Save Space Bathrooms
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