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Bath Tubs Styles and Types

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, taking the time to choose the right type of bath tub is as important as choosing paint color and accessories. Some designers go so far as to argue that bath tub selection is the most important part of creating a beautiful bathroom design since the tub is the focal point of the room and cannot be easily replaced.

There is a wide variety of bath tub styles available to the modern consumer. The selection is so large that it can be overwhelming to the person new to bathroom design. Here is a look at some of the different types of bath tubs to consider when designing your bathroom.


Most modern tubs are built out of manmade materials such as plastic and acrylic. The material is flexible and light making the tub easy to carry. Since the material is flexible, plastic and acrylic tubs can be formed into non-conventional shapes that allow you to fit a tub where you may not have traditionally been able. Special care needs to be taken when cleaning because the material is easily scratched by abrasive cleaners or damaged by bleaches.

Claw-foot Tub
The claw-foot tub is freestanding with a deep body with attractive rolling trim mounted off the floor on intricate claw feet. It has a history dating back hundreds of years and was traditionally made out of cast iron with a white porcelain coating. Modern claw-foot bath tubs are much lighter so extra floor reinforcement isn't needed. They're a great way to create a spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom since they're perfect for a leisurely soak after a difficult day. These tubs tend to be larger and usually require a bigger bathroom.

Drop-in Tub
These types of tubs are mounted in the floor with the rim even to the floor level. A drop-in bath tub can also be built to sink below floor level allowing the user to walk into it like they would walk into a pool.

Recessed Tub
This type is the most common and traditional style and is seen the average home. The recessed tub is placed along one wall in the bathroom and is surrounded on three sides by a tub surround or alcove.

Jetted Tub
These types of bath tubs feature powerful air jets that move the water creating a massage for the person soaking. They can be turned on or off at the bather's discretion. Jetted tubs can be indoors, outdoors and come in single- or multiple-person models. They can take up as little space as a drop-in tub.

Corner Tub
Corner tubs have a triangular shape at one end and fit into a corner with walls on two sides. They tend to be large enough to accommodate two people and can be jetted.

Walk-in Tub
The walk-in tub is a great choice for those with mobility problems or the wheelchair-bound. The tub has a body like any traditional tub, but features a door that can be opened and closed to make it easier to get in and out. Sometimes these types of tubs have seats. The door full seals to prevent water leakage.

Custom-made Tubs
If money is not an issue, it's possible to hire a designer to create any style of tub you want in any shape and out of almost any material like glass, wood or stone. You will not get a custom-made tub at a home improvement store and will need to contact a qualified interior designer to get one.

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